Weisbrod: Meskers’ Focus on his constituents is remarkable

David Weisbrod is a Democratic member of the Board of Estimation and Taxation

It is with great joy that I endorse Steve Meskers for reelection as Representative of Greenwich’s 150th House District. Steve and I crossed paths several years ago as a result of his service on the RTM and mine on the BET. As a member of the BET I turn to Steve often for his well-considered input on a number of critical issues. We have much in common due to our respective backgrounds in finance. Steve was a successful banker at Banco Santander and elsewhere – he was head of Emerging Markets Sales and Fixed Income and I worked at JP Morgan for almost forty years before retiring as Vice Chairman of Risk Management in 2013. We both approach government with a strong fiscally responsible orientation and with a similar framework for evaluating the best way to meet our community’s challenges.

Steve’s service on the RTM has been noteworthy – particularly in the area of education. He and I collaborated to support Greenwich Public Schools during this year’s distressing budget debate. We worked together to resist arbitrary funding cuts to the schools during a period of enormous uncertainty. Steve understands that COVID 19 presents a fiscal challenge to our community, but he sensibly rejected the need for a tax cut at this time to be funded almost dollar for dollar by a reduction in appropriations for the schools.

Steve’s focus on his constituents is remarkable. He continues his RTM service to stay close to the people he serves and to give him immediate insight into the needs and issues of those he represents in Hartford.

Steve’s committee assignments in the House include Finance and Energy. In the energy sphere he is doing some trailblazing work on third party independent energy providers and the rates they charge to State and retail consumers. He actively represented constituents during the recent power outage and will be in the forefront to examine Eversource’s corporate tructure including the need for reform given the company’s poor performance in restoring power to residents in our community.

Steve has also been active in harbor management issues – serving not only his constituents who live on the shoreline, but all of Greenwich for whom harbor related issues are key to our quality of life. Steve played a major role to get unsightly and potentially polluting barges out of our harbor by working quietly and effectively to arrange for them to be moved elsewhere.

In summary, Steve Meskers is a wonderful public servant, who represents Greenwich with energy, discipline and effectiveness and whose values and productivity are so readily evident. He deserves without any doubt to be reelected to another term serving the 150th District in Hartford.

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