Trevor Crow: We All Have an Obligation to Pay Our Taxes

Submitted by Trevor Crow, Democratic candidate for Greenwich Collector

Running for Tax Collector on the Democratic slate is an honor and a privilege for me. One of my greatest concerns right now is the precarious state of our democracy. I was appalled by the violence in our nation’s Capital on January 6 and it was a call to action for me. Being involved and running for office demonstrates my commitment to our democratic process.

The Tax Collector plays an essential role in maintaining the quality of life in our beautiful town. We need tax revenues to pay for teachers, firefighters, and police, as well as to pave our roads and manage all the services in our community.

We all have an obligation to pay our taxes. Those of us who do pay our taxes fully and on time, know the financial and emotional impact of the cost of living here. We each pay believing that other taxpayers are paying their fair share too.

The current Tax Collector has allowed 9 delinquent tax accounts to run out of their 15-year statute of limitations, making those accounts uncollectable. Is that fair to those of us who do pay on fully and on time?

When I am Tax Collector, I will keep Greenwich residents and the Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) apprised of delinquent tax accounts and the steps my office is taking to collect on them.

My priority is being transparent with Greenwich taxpayers and the BET. I will work with the BET to create timely reports along and agreed upon protocols related to delinquent tax accounts and what is being done to collect. Any tax sales would be the method of last resort for collecting on delinquent taxes.

I earned an MBA, from Harvard Business School and worked in sales and trading on Wall Street. I went back to school earned a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Having worked on Wall Street, as a therapist and as an executive coach I bring a unique combination of skills to the office Tax Collector, understating both the emotional and financial aspects of the job.

Finally, Greenwich taxpayers can feel safe to visit Town Hall and speak to me in person.

Just as paying taxes is for the common good, so is getting vaccinated. I care about the health and wellbeing of those around me, that is why I made the choice to be vaccinated in March.

I would appreciate your vote.

Deadline to submit letters to the editor for candidates in the Nov 2 election was 26, 2021 (one week before the election).