Stone McGuigan: Reflections on Freedom in Honor of Independence Day

Submitted by Janet Stone McGuigan, Greenwich Democratic Selectwoman

This nation is struggling with so many issues that go to our deepest foundations.  It seems more than appropriate to take some time from our Independence Day holiday to reflect on what freedom means.

Let me begin by sharing that freedom to me means… 

…not living in fear of a deadly virus.  Let us who are able vaccinate, mask and isolate as needed to protect those who are not.  
…not living in fear of climate change.  Let us heed the pleas of our youth and embrace changes that will grant them a sustainable future. 
…not living in fear of gun violence.  Let us value human life and well being more than the time and convenience of those wishing to own guns. 
…living in the security that we own our own bodies.  Let us give every woman agency to manage her own reproductive health. 
…not living in fear of intolerance.  Let us be the persons we choose to be and openly love those whom we wish to love. 
…not living in fear of inequity.  Let us recognize that this nation is a work in progress and we must continue to pursue a more perfect union.
…living in peace with the growth of this nation.  Let us commit to immigration policies that are not cruel to families.
…not living in fear of foreign powers.  Let us direct all peaceful means available against the aggressions of oppressive regimes. 
…not living in fear of bullying in any form.  Let us acknowledge truth even when it thwarts our own desires.

And I know this is asking for a lot, but please add to this list, not living in fear of the scales.  I would dearly love to enjoy a lobster roll and ice cream this Fourth of July.  However you plan to celebrate, I hope you have a fantastic Fourth!