Splash Car Wash: Repeal of Car Wash Sales Tax Not Based on Cronyism

Letter to the editor submitted by Mark J. Curtis, CEO of Splash Car Wash

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the letter written by Sean Goldrick on July 12th where he implies that the people who represent the Town of Greenwich in the Connecticut State Legislature are attempting something untoward by endorsing the removal of the sales tax from car wash services and states that this is an act based on “cronyism.”

He further then goes on to imply that the repeal of the tax, which was imposed three years ago, would somehow not benefit the people we employ and brings up a civil lawsuit having nothing to do with the tax as if to imply that we don’t treat our employees well.

His letter and his statements are untrue, misleading and defamatory.  The truth is so far from what he alleges that I feel the need to respond.

First, the sales tax on car washing was installed three years ago.  Therefore, it is not something being “taken away” but rather a regressive and harmful new tax on the Connecticut consumer.

Even if it was removed, it doesn’t benefit Splash, our company as Splash never received any of the tax proceeds.  Rather than question why the implication of this tax was necessary, this misguided person attacks a legitimate business intimating that we would somehow benefit by this tax repeal.

But let’s apply a little economic theory, which may be tough for him to understand.  An increase in price usually results in reduced demand.  The implication of the sales tax on our service effectively raised our price 6.35%.

However, as we received no benefit from this effective price increase, we did not receive additional funds to pay our employees more or to reinvest in our equipment and facilities – all of which would inject more money into our state’s economy.  And if the price increase caused our wash volume to fall as one would expect, it would mean that we would need less man hours to wash cars, thereby hurting the very people he thinks the repeal of this new tax would hurt.

But to further suggest that we don’t care for our employees is completely misleading, untrue and a flat out lie.

I’m proud to say that  we have been in business for 37 years and have been named a Top 10 Workplace four times (including this year).  The fact is that anyone can bring a lawsuit, just as anyone can have an erroneous opinion, and its filing does not suggest that it has any basis in fact (much like Goldrick’s claims).

We pay all our employees above minimum wage and follow every wage law.  Several of our employees have been with us over ten years – some over 20 years and we’re very proud of the culture and and team that we have fostered and developed!  To suggest we treat them with anything but the respect and caring they deserve is simply wrong.

As for showing up to the hearing, Goldrick missed the many, many previous hearings where we did show up and did testify.  We were unfortunately unable to attend the one day he’s referring to.

Mr. Goldrick needs to get his facts straight before making false accusations and defaming a business that has supported the Greenwich community for decades.

But don’t believe me…..ask any of the dozens of Greenwich charities and organizations that we have supported over the past 37 years.

Mark J. Curtis
Splash Car Wash
625 West Putnam Avenue

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