SINISI: Greenwich Superintendent Ignores Parents’ Opt Out Requests On Gender Ideology

Submitted by Dan Sinisi, Greenwich RTC – District 9, Glenville

(Note: this letter is not authored by Dan Sinisi of Cos Cob who runs Michael Sinisi & Son Landscaping Inc)

I remember the days when Greenwich Public Schools were touted as one of the best schools systems in the country, particularly Greenwich High School. Parents would move into Town just to have their children attend our great schools.

Sorry to say those were the good old days. The days when schools and teachers were teaching mathematics, history, reading, science and other curriculum that would prepare our children for the next grade or college/university. The days when teachers kept their personal life and opinions outside the classroom and school. The days when children were encouraged to think for themselves, not be instructed on what to think. The days when children were encouraged to express their ideas freely among themselves without fear of being labeled “intolerant.” The days when school libraries did not add inappropriate books to further woke and gender ideologies. The days when teachers and school administrators were more transparent with students and more importantly with parents instead of  not considering parental rights and the community as a whole. The days when school administrators and the Board of Education were responsible and accountable to the parents and taxpayers of Greenwich and more importantly the students who attend GPS. The days when teachers and administrators did what was in the best interest of the children instead of pushing their own woke agendas. Yes, I miss those days. 

Apparently The Board of Education, the elected oversight body of the Greenwich school system, has no problem with the way our children are being taught and what they are exposed to.

The Superintendent of GPS, Dr. Toni Jones appears to have free reign to do as she pleases. Why not? The BOE is not holding her accountable.

With all the scandals within the Greenwich Public Schools Administration, summed up perfectly by Carl Higbie of NewsMax (, what will it take for the BOE and Jones to realize that parental rights, not their own agendas, reign supreme?

In the most recent of many missteps by Jones, parents that had opted out of their children being exposed to gender ideology was not followed. Why?

Why isn’t the BOE addressing these scandals?

·         Porn in school libraries.

·         Bus drivers being persecuted.

·         Multiple fist fights at Greenwich High School.

·         Clear violations of neglecting parents’ requests.

·         Mismanagement of school facilities.

Many parents feel the same way. We’re tired of being ignored and talked down to as if we don’t know what is best for children. I certainly don’t want my tax dollars supporting this ludicrous agenda. We want our children to have the best education possible. It would be prudent for the BOE to fulfill its elected oversight role and put an end to this nonsense. We’re entitled to answers. Please don’t continue to insult us by continually saying these things are not happening.. Clearly, they are. Do the right thing – finally!

Dan Sinisi, Greenwich RTC – District 9