RETIRED PARKWAY TEACHER: Stowe Has Positive Energy

Submitted by Charill Pierce, New Canaan

I first met Kathleen Stowe seven years ago when I was a teacher at Parkway School in Greenwich. A year later, over the heads of my brand new 2nd graders, I shook hands again with Kathleen as I welcomed her son into my class. I had an instant connection with her.

Kathleen was very outgoing and friendly and eager to learn all about what would lie ahead for her son in 2nd grade. As my homeroom mother that year, Kathleen gave me a tremendous amount of support. She rallied other parents to show up for our various events, such as field day, biography breakfast, and a Thanksgiving feast. Her positive energy helped unite us as a strong team. After the year was over, we stayed connected as Kathleen began to spread her energy into lending a helping hand to various activities for our school. We could always count on her full support to bring great ideas to the table as she excelled in planning and then carrying those ideas to fruition.

Now, I am a retired Greenwich teacher who often meets to touch base with Kathleen. I am amazed at the various accomplishments she has made since she ran for and was elected to The Board of Education. Bringing to the board her experience of years of corporate work, she has come up with solutions that have a lasting benefit for the students, teachers, and the community as well.

Kathleen wastes no time to get to the meat of the problem. She is a great member of any team. I have listened to her opinions and watched her results create positive changes in our schools. As a Connecticut resident, I know that education would be in a better place with Kathleen Stowe at the helm.

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