Quigley: Connecticut Deserves Better Than One Party Rule – Vote For Ryan Fazio

Submitted by Dan Quigely, Greenwich RTC Chair

For twelve years, Democrats have held majorities throughout our state government. Recently, they have enjoyed a two thirds majority in the CT House, a two thirds majority in the State Senate and the governorship. This is referred to as a Supermajority. It effectively relegates elected Republicans to an afterthought when it comes to legislation, and it is bad for CT. That is why it is important that you vote for Ryan Fazio in the upcoming special election for State Senate on August 17th.

A lot has changed since November of 2020. This past legislative session saw Hartford Democrats  propose an extremely unpopular legislative agenda. State Democrats have made the political equivalent of a hard left turn. Their legislative wish list is worrying. Stripping away local zoning rights; a new statewide property tax; School Regionalization; Proposed Gas Tax; Tolls, and the list goes on. All of these issues have direct, negative implications for Fairfield County communities in the 36th District. If either of the two Democrats opposing Mr Fazio were to win, the Democrats would once again secure a supermajority, making it more likely that these alarming proposals will gain momentum.

What is equally disturbing is that while other  economies in the northeast have shown strength in rebounding from the challenges posed by the pandemic, CT remains saddled with the highest unemployment rate among all 50 states and is a continued laggard in economic growth and job creation.

Ryan Fazio is a smart, center right Republican who is focused on the issues that need dealing with now. He will support small towns and municipalities in their fight to maintain control of their own zoning rights; he will be an advocate for lower taxes on small businesses and individuals; he will oppose efforts to regionalize local school districts and he will advocate for measures that reduce crime rates in our urban centers. Each of these represent a change in direction from the course set by Mr. Fazio’s main opponent and the state Democratic party. 

In November, Hearst Media Columnist Dan Haar wrote about the perils facing CT as a one party state. He wrote “a 24-12 Democratic grip on the Senate, and just under a two-thirds Dem majority in the House with the same party holding every statewide office including the governor’s chair — it’s just a bit much.” He was correct. He went on to say “a two-thirds supermajority in the Senate doesn’t necessarily reflect the will of the people, even if each district elected the person it wanted. Connecticut voters will say they favor a middle path if you catch them alone with their thoughts.” Mr Fazio provides that path. It is a path worth taking.

On August 17th, we have an opportunity to add some semblance of equilibrium to our representation in Hartford. A vote for Mr Fazio’s opponent is a vote for more of the same. A vote for Ryan Fazio will eliminate the Democrats’ supermajority, and it will signal that Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan are leading the call for a new, more collaborative direction in Hartford.

Dan Quigley
Greenwich RTC Chair


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