Prihoda: Republicans Disturbing CMS Drop-Off to Distribute Flyers Should Eat Humble Pie

To the Editor:

“They doth protest too much, me thinks.”   That’s a paraphrase from a line in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.Wait! Is Shakespeare allowed to be read in school these days?

Several Republican LTEs (letters to the editor) strongly protested Superintendent Toni Jones’ diplomatic request for non-solicitation of political propaganda (my words, not hers) which disrupts the school day.  I understand there were parent emails and even a police report citing distraction which slowed traffic flow. Dr. Jones could have named the Republican party members who wrote the letters but she kindly did not single them out.  Rather, she included all parties who would engage in what behavior that violates BOE policy.

Some of these letters of indignation demand a mea culpa from the Superintendent.  I believe the apology should come from the Republican members who attacked her – they are the ones who perpetrated this incident.  Humble pie is in order! 

And what are these letters about? The size of the Central Middle School and thus the budget to support the size.  We can differ as to what the size should be but that is not the issue here.  The issue is the desperation of a party, the Republican members, who cannot accept that many residents and the researched data provided differ from their view which has been carried out by the BET (Board of Estimate & Taxation).

The voice of the people have a chance to determine the outcome of Town projects such as schools and more.

How?  Educate yourself to who’s running for local office, their positions and voting track record (Town of Greenwich website) in November.  They are your RTM (Representative Town Member) district representatives, the BET and Selectpersons.  Better yet:  run yourself!

They run the show and that’s the show you’ll get.

Monica Prihoda