Paul Curtis: Check Leora Levy’s Sources for Yourselves

Submitted by Paul Curtis, Greenwich

In her letter of Jan 30, 2023 (LEORA LEVY: Don’t Use Labels and Oversimplifications to Address Republicans) Leora Levy wrote the following:

“If so, why haven’t they asked for funding through the normal budgeting process of the Town of Greenwich? If there are problems with elections in Greenwich, perhaps Fred and Mary could explain them to us. Otherwise, why is it necessary to expose our elections to the influence of private money from questionable organizations so closely aligned with the progressive movement and their agenda in this country?”

As proof of this, Ms Levy provided remarks and quotations from three organizations.

I did my research, and actually looked those organizations up utilizing Source Watch ( While no organization is without bias, the Center for Media and Democracy does very well providing facts about organizations that publish documents and press releases.

Here are the Source Watch entries for those three organizations. Please read them for yourselves.

Honest Elections Project:

The Civitas Center for Public Integrity and the John Locke Foundation:

Source Watch does not have an entry for Center for Tech and Civic Life, so here is their informlation:,