Olsson: Why I Endorse Laura Kostin to Fill My Seat on BOE

Submitted by Meghan Olsson, former member of the Greenwich Board of Education

When you head to the polls on November 2nd, I hope you will vote like the future of our schools depends on it. Because it does.

With that in mind, it is my distinct pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Laura Kostin to fill my seat on the Board of Education this November.

Laura has been a committed volunteer in our schools for many years and she has a long-standing history as a frequent speaker and regular attendee at our meetings.

She has followed the Board’s business closely and has a firm grasp of the issues facing our schools. Additionally, it is clear from her advocacy, that she has and will continue to put the needs of our school community first.

The BOE is a policy Board and Laura has been clearly and consistently advocating for policies that would increase transparency, close achievement gaps, address a failing special education system and improve educational equity across the district.

Laura believes in giving back to our community. In addition to years spent volunteering at Glenville School, in 2019, she was unanimously elected to serve on the PTA Board at North Street School. While devoting countless hours to fill that role, she also organized events to bring our community together.

In 2017, she was elected her first term on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). In 2019, she was easily re-elected.  

Last year, when the BOE’s operating budget faced a devastating $3m cut, Laura personally reached out to multiple parties in the town government about fundraising to close the impending funding shortfall.  It’s a classic example of Laura’s fierce and unwavering dedication to funding our schools.

As a member of the Board, she will work diligently on behalf of our students and families– and will work collaboratively with her colleagues on both sides of the aisle to set policies that help all our schoolchildren achieve.

Editor’s note: All letters supporting candidates for the Nov 2, 2021 municipal election were due Oct 26, 2021