Oberlander: Owner-operated businesses enrich our quality of life and contribute to our local economy

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As a candidate for the Connecticut House in the 150th District, I am out every day
knocking on doors, attending community events and listening to peoples’ concerns. My goal, in addition to meeting individual voters, is to better understand our community’s priorities so that I can best represent us in Hartford.

I launched my “listening tour” this week, and my first stop was meeting Greenwich
business owners. Owner-operated businesses are essential to the character of our
community. They enrich our quality of life and contribute to our local economy. We
must do all we can to support them. This is what I learned by listening to owners of small businesses all across Greenwich.

The businesses I visited have been in operation between 7 – 94 years.

1. They love this community and are loyal to their customers;
2. They work hard and are happy doing business here; and
3. They give back by sponsoring sports teams, contributing to local charities and
supporting our schools.

While the dire picture painted by some politicians of an “anti-business” climate in Connecticut is not shared by the business owners I met, there is always room for
improvement. That’s why, if elected, I will support programs that help businesses at every stage – from providing start-up capital to get companies off the ground, to giving established companies access to grants, working capital and equipment loans.

And, I will work to help small and medium-sized business in Greenwich learn of training, technical assistance, and tax credit programs that are available to them. I am committed to helping Greenwich business owners get the technical support they need to succeed. The bottom line is that businesses – of all sizes – are the basis for a healthy economy. As a Representative for the 150th District in Greenwich, I will actively support and promote our business owners. I will make sure that their voices are heard in Hartford.

Jill Oberlander,
Candidate, 150th District
Connecticut General Assembly