Oberlander: Bergstein brings dedication, integrity, and pragmatic solutions

Letter to the editor submitted by Jill Oberlander, Democratic Chair of the Board of Estimate and Taxation

On November 6th, I will vote for Alex Bergstein for State Senate District 36.

Here’s why:

I met Alex almost 30 years ago in law school. Through our three-decade friendship I have seen her in school, at work, with friends and family, as an advisor and community volunteer, and now as a candidate for public office. She commits – heart and soul – to everything she takes on.

Make no mistake: Alex is not a rubber stamp. Alex identifies a vision, investigates the facts, deliberates over process, and debates the merits. Alex engages with others to develop solutions. She has personal integrity, works hard, and will go all-out to advocate for our community.

Unlike many candidates, Alex has substantive conversations about the problems facing Connecticut and, more importantly, Alex presents pragmatic solutions. In this campaign, she identified Connecticut’s fiscal situation and unfunded pension liability as top concerns.

Her proposed solution for pension reform uses a model that allows the government and employees to share market risk. We all know there are many hurdles to cross for Connecticut to regain fiscal stability, and this pension reform proposal is just one part.

Alex also supports many of the solutions recommended to the State Legislature by the Connecticut Commission on Fiscal Integrity and Economic Growth, including tolls to support improvements to the state’s transportation infrastructure.

Without meaningful dialogue and the compromise that Alex will advocate for, Connecticut can expect to continue running in place (at best), or more likely, slide further behind.

Dedication, integrity, and pragmatic solutions: this is what I want from my elected representatives, and what this community deserves. It is also what you will receive from Alex Bergstein, whether concerning needed fiscal reform, infrastructure investment, environmental concerns, or other important issues.

Please join me in voting for Alex Bergstein for State Senate District 36 on November 6th!

Jill Oberlander
Greenwich, CT

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