MONTANARO: Greenwich Schools Administration Suspensions Needs to Happen Immediately

Submitted by Joseph Montanaro, Cos Cob

It has been a bustling and intriguing news cycle here in Greenwich. I know our attention spans are
challenged daily, putting local topics on the back burner almost as quickly as they arise. That being said, here are a few issues that deserve our attention:

• Police strategy and policies on crime,
• Discussions on school safety measures,
• The exposure of blatantly criminal hiring practices in our public schools, the Superintendent/BOE’s implications and possible complicity in said practices and the political indoctrination of our children.
• Town increasing home assessments amidst record inflation, a recession and a looming housing
crisis. This gets an honorable mention, but won’t be the focal point.

It is arguably the toughest time in history to be a law enforcement professional in America. Due to a lack of public and political support, every move under an unfair microscope, agenda-driven media coverage and forced compliance with dangerous policies. This suffocating climate, however, should never be used as a crutch for unenthusiastic policing to lean on. Cops can still do their jobs effectively and be proactive here in Greenwich so long as they are able to articulate their actions. The community at large and local elected officials will have your backs.

Now on to the Board of Education (BOE) and our Greenwich Public Schools. The work of Project Veritas and their brave investigative journalists exposed Cos Cob Elementary’s Vice Principal detailing some troubling information. For those who took issue with the means of obtaining the video, have you ever seen To Catch a Predator? Exactly. If you attended or tuned in to any BOE meetings over the past two years, you know that many parents have been warning the BOE of these exact practices. They have voiced their concerns loud and clear time and time again. Mainly on the diversion of curriculum away from reading, writing and arithmetic to political agendas. They were actively dismissed and ignored by Toni Jones, most of the BOE officials, many teachers, and other parents in attendance. I encourage all of you to watch the video and truly listen to the depravity of what the school official is saying. Then, if you could, imagine him saying Jewish or Muslim instead of Christian. Imagine him saying liberal instead of conservative. Merrick Garland himself would be here in Greenwich heading up a full investigation. What the Vice Principal admitted to is just as criminal if it were against any other group of people based on race, gender, religion and age as it is against the groups he singled out. Evidence needs to be seized.

Suspensions need to be put into effect immediately. A true, independent investigation must be conducted. There is a BOE meeting on Thursday, 6:30pm at Central Middle School Auditorium (despite attempts to have it at Hamilton School, a much smaller venue). I hope to see a large turnout, which will inspire real action and keep the spotlight firmly affixed on Toni Jones, her hierarchy and the board. Did they know about these hiring practices? Are they implicated? Was it at Toni Jones’ direction?

Was she not the person to promote the Vice Principal to his role? What internal communications were disseminated regarding interview processes, curriculum, hiring and overall education outlook? We all deserve answers. Do not let this story fall by the wayside simply to protect the image of Greenwich Public Schools. That ship has sailed.

Finally, on to the divisive, hateful, deceitful and overall ridiculous rhetoric being spewed upon the new Greenwich RTC and other Republicans in town. Stop calling us radical, right wing or extreme. We are regular people with a live and let live attitude. We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights as written and intended, all traditional Republican beliefs. Saying otherwise is highly incendiary and could inspire violence against the people who are being targeted by these hateful words. The FBI has already been weaponized by our current President against his opposition party. This is the definition of fascism.

Funny how the “Anti-Fascists” are so adept at using fascist tactics to silence those who dare present a counterpoint. Most disappointing are those who undermined their own political party by preaching against the most successful Republican President in recent history. For what? Look at the results:

Record inflation, record gas prices, open borders, record crime rates, foreign wars, tens of billions of dollars sent overseas to corrupt nations, and the list goes on. I see “Save the Planet, Elect Democrats” signs around as if we do not love and cherish the environment or the people of this planet. Here’s a newsflash, we do. However, common sense conservatives have much wider lenses. We will not sacrifice a booming energy sector and decimate the middle class over environmental causes of which are highly debatable and, arguably, already disproven. We are in an economic war with the Chinese Communist Party and such policies only enrich and inspire them further. Not to mention Iran, Russia and Saudi. I am all for clean, renewable energy when the technology is truly in place. Those who attack and undermine us fail to realize they are harming the very people they claim to be in support of. Instead of showing disdain, resentment and anger; how about you actually look into the energetic, populous movement which has taken our country by storm over the last 6 years. Because it only grows and gets stronger with each outspoken naysayer.

Joe Montanaro
Let’s live righteous, just lives and be productive members of society.