Mary Hull: Out of catastrophe, new views of life may just emerge.

Letter to the editor from Mary Hull, Chair of Greenwich Green & Clean

Welcome to Earth Week.

Out of catastrophe, new views of life may just emerge.

Spring 2020 has been impossible to ignore. Walk, jog, bicycle or drive around Greenwich and feel the power of the flowers and the hourly unfolding of leaves and blossoms.

Greenwich Green & Clean wants to thank the many residents and merchants who have beautified public space adjacent to sidewalks or roads, especially all the new daffodils, as well as those who display flowers and shrubs in front of their homes for all to enjoy.

Thanks also to the Town Parks Department which added thousands of daffodils near the North Street School and behind Town Hall.

There are no laws requiring anyone to create beauty, but there is an emotional interaction between a cheerful environment and one’s state of mind. Since 1986, Greenwich Green & Clean has recognized a number of those who add the joy of nature’s glories to Greenwich.

The local nurseries are open and summer may get us out of our houses. Caring for the earth might make the trauma of the Coronavirus just a little bit less onerous. Happy Earth Week and happy planting!

Mary Hull
Executive Director
Greenwich Green & Clean