Letter: Why Aren’t We Angrier?

Letter to the editor submitted by Diane Tunick Morello, August 11, 2018
Fewer than 100 days separate us from the 2018 election. On Tuesday, November 6, I plan to walk proudly into the voting booth and vote for candidates and incumbents who defy Donald Trump’s deplorable actions and vote against candidates and incumbents who support them. With almost surgical precision, Trump distracts voters from the explosions he himself ignites — Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, his breaching of the emoluments law, his forced separation of immigrant children from their parents, his hate-filled rhetoric and his systematic crippling of the press.
Why aren’t we angrier? The country’s basest instincts are winning. Trump is poised to abolish civil rights, threaten our national parks, close our borders, weaken our constitution, destroy our global relationships, cancel same-sex marriage and erase reproductive autonomy for women.
My grandparents did not emigrate from Europe a century ago to surrender to neo-Nazis in this country. My parents did not spend decades as public school educators to succumb to illiterati in this country. I did not advance in business for decades so male politicians can ignore millions of women marching for reproductive freedom.
Why aren’t we angrier? As a child I was taught that our president and our country are held to a higher standard — fair, independent, socially responsible, constitutionally accountable. With only a few weeks before November 6 election day, it’s time to speak up and speak out. Call members of Congress, tell them where you stand, and have them tell you where they stand. Demand that Republicans in state and local government in Connecticut and Greenwich — for example, Camillo, Bocchino, Frantz, Tesei — state publicly where they stand on Trump’s hateful rhetoric and socially tone-deaf policies. Call them out. Better yet, vote them out.
Diane Tunick Morello