Letter to the Editor: Oberlander Committed to Seniors

letter to the editorDear Editor:

Jill Oberlander, the candidate for State Representative from the 150th district in Greenwich, is committed to supporting all the issues that pertain to seniors – job skill retraining, transportation, availability of support services, and access to quality care. Jill has worked on these issues for years, and currently serves as Board Chair and Director of the Sarah Neuman Center, a major licensed nursing home in Westchester that provides acute and long-term care. Her compassion and concern for seniors is genuine. She is determined to protect seniors and ensure they can age with dignity. Jill has studied the services available to seniors both as a member of the RTM and in her work as a volunteer.

Seniors face multiple challenges. Many seniors live on a limited income and oftentimes the cost of living outpaces the savings they’ve set aside for retirement. Now that seniors live longer, their personal savings do not always cover their needs and living expenses. Seniors need someone to effectively represent them in Hartford – someone who is aware of the challenges they face and will advocate for them at the state level. Jill is aware of the issues and would be a strong advocate for seniors.

We have an opportunity to send Jill Oberlander to Hartford as a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives for the 150th district, which runs the entire length of Greenwich along the waterfront. If this is your district, you should vote for Jill Oberlander to represent us in Hartford.

Lori Jackson
Old Greenwich