Letter to Editor: Did Bocchino Blow up the Byram Neighborhood Association Website?

letter to the editorSubmitted by Vicki Camacho of Byram, Oct. 28, 2014

October 27, 2014

To the Editor:

What happen to the Byram Neighborhood Association (BNA) website? Did Mr. Bochinno blow it up? Like he threaten to blow up the Mill Street bridge. ( Greenwich Time article, Byram leader lashes out over traffic issues, Wednesday, May 16, 2012)

The website was about the rich history of the Byram community, scheduled BNA meetings and community events.

At the beginning of this year, I looked for and couldn’t find the BNA website. Being a long time Byram resident  I made a few calls and no one knew what had happen to it. Is there still a BNA, I wondered.

Finally in August 2014 I saw a poster for a BNA meeting. I was so happy that we still had a neighborhood association and that we’d finally learn the names of the new officers.

Then I read in the Greenwich Free Press that the August meeting of the BNA was to inform the community that Mike Bocchino was running for state office, and to talk about the projects BNA was invovled in, but nothing about who would carry BNA forward to make sure the proposed projects stayed on course.

Seems to me that there was never a BNA, only a Mike Bocchino’s Neighborhood Association and now that  he’s moving on he could care less.

Vicki Camacho