LETTER: Tax Collector Howard Richman Deserves Another Two-Year Term

Letter to the editor submitted by Peter L. Uhry, Riverside

It is easy to applaud the work that Howard Richman has done these past two years as the Town of Greenwich’s Tax Collector. He came to the job with goals to improve the collection process and reduce the number of residents in arrears. So, how successful has he been? Two examples:

#1: Collected $4.2 Million in delinquent real estate property tax allowing the Board of Estimate and Taxation to keep our future increased mill rate at a low 2.75%. (Greenwich Time May 20, 2019)

#2: Redesigned the Tax Collector Department website and tax bill forms to improve clarity and ease of use.

These two examples typify Howard’s intense interest and dedication to his work. For example, he has completed three of the four courses required to become a Certified Connecticut Municipal Collector (CCMC) while getting to work each morning at 8:00am. Apparently, it takes more than two years to complete all four courses but he iswell on his way to certification.

Thirty years ago, I first met Howard when he was working in New York City with an advertising agency. I was calling on him as an advertising salesperson. He impressed me then with sharp questioning and straightforwardness. He continues to do that today…. telling me recently when I suggested we have coffee….” I will do it but only if we go “Dutch” since I do not accept anything in the way of favors from those I serve.” I like that attitude and his achievements, and it is why Howard will get my vote in November.

Peter L. Uhry