LETTER: Support Cody Kittle for Board of Education

Submitted by Ashley Cole, Greenwich

I am writing today to support the candidacy of Cody Kittle for Board of Education. The Democratic candidates are set but we have choices on the Republican ballot. I will be voting for Michael-Joseph Mercanti-Anthony who is a professional educator and brings obvious qualifications to the job. However, I want to concentrate on what my friend Cody brings to the table and how our town will benefit from his knowledge and expertise.

I have known Cody since he was a teenager. Even as a young man, he was precocious and focused. Cody had a distinguished time at Greenwich High School, where he ran the school newspaper The Beak, was President of the Debate team, was President of the Red Cross Safe Rides program and also played on the Varsity tennis team. Cody attended Northwestern University and graduated in a remarkable three years with a major in Mathematics. He has always been a role model for my two sons. Most importantly,  he is a nice and respectful person. He has declined to criticize his opponents and has already built inroads with the Democratic members of the BOE. 

While at Northwestern, Cody volunteered as a tutor at a charter school in the inner city of Chicago.  So, Cody has been someone who has always given his time and talent to his fellow citizens and the greater good.

Cody brings skills to the table that our town and the BOE desperately need. First, he is quite knowledgeable about our education system. He tutored for years in the inner city in Chicago and served on the Associate Boards of the KIPP charter school system in both Chicago and New York. 

In his day job at the investment firm Elliott Management, he is responsible for managing both private and public investments. Cody has extensive experience managing executives, setting capital budgets and setting strategic directions. He will not be learning on the job with the BOE. 

Too often in Greenwich, our Board of Education has failed to focus on long term planning, especially in the management of facilities. You have to ask yourself – How is it that one of the wealthiest towns in America has schools where the ceilings fall in classrooms? We are one of the best funded school districts in CT, yet Greenwich Schools are run down and our test scores continue to deteriorate.

Greenwich historically has been reactive – not proactive, when it comes to education and capital planning. Having a young parent involved is a fantastic way to get our leadership focused on the long term. We are a top tier town and we need top tier schools. Cody Kittle is the type of candidate that can help get us there. I encourage you to vote for him on election day. 

Note: Letters to the editor regarding candidates in the Nov 2, 2021 election had a deadline of Oct 26, 2021