LETTER: Stowe does not advance a particular ideology.

Submitted by Pete Beck, Greenwich

There is a compelling reason for Greenwich voters in the 149th District to vote for Kathleen Stowe for state representative.  She has the right experience and point of view to be a spokesperson for our town.  As a representative in Hartford she will work across party lines to support responsible policies that will benefit both her constituents and the entire state.  

To put it simply, her goal is not to advance some particular ideology or party platform, but rather to pragmatically do what is best to assure that our town and state will be a good place for all of us in which to live, raise families, work, and build businesses.

She has worked in sophisticated finance for more than 20 years, investing, serving as a board member, and helping to grow businesses. 

As a parent of three children in Greenwich public schools, she is Vice Chair of the Greenwich Board of Education and has successfully worked in cooperation with Board members of both parties to assure educational excellence while responsibly responding to budget challenges. 

She understands the need to build the Connecticut economy, to keep taxes low, to protect our environment, and to invest in our roads, railways, and bridges.   

By contrast, her opponent’s record as a member of the Greenwich RTM appears to be a collection of knee-jerk votes, regardless of their negative impact on the Greenwich quality of life – including opposition to adopting the Plan of Conservation and Development, voting to reduce the police budget, voting to reduce the budgets for the urgently necessary repairs to the Cardinal Stadium and the Central Middle School field, and voting against cyber security measures.

I urge voters in the 149th District, regardless of party registration, to vote for Kathleen Stowe for state representative.

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted in time for the Oct 26, 12:00 noon deadline for letters about the election and candidates on the ballot on Nov 3, 2020.