LETTER: Stowe Works Across the Aisle

Submitted by Lori Fields, Greenwich

Kathleen Stowe is collaborative and brings a voice of reason to the Board of Education.  As an unaffiliated voter, I am particularly impressed by how she continually reaches across the aisle and puts the needs of our schools ahead of party politics.  This comes across in Board meetings and through her joint communications with the Republican BOE Chair. 

Kathleen is a straight shooter, but she is always collegial.  She is receptive to public input, genuinely listening to and acting on community feedback. As Vice Chair of the BOE, she worked to successfully keep our schools open through Covid, even when most other schools in Connecticut were not.  She has three children in Greenwich Public Schools, one at each level, giving her a current snapshot of what it is like to be a parent of an elementary, middle and high school student. 

This unique perspective enables her to have a deeper understanding of the issues and a motivation to address challenges efficiently and effectively.Kathleen has also leveraged her decades of financial experience to bring expertise and business strategies to the BOE. For example, she added a retention bonus to the Superintendent’s contract to help address turnover. 

In addition to Vice Chair, she is also is the current Chair of the Budget Committee and a Member of the Policy and Governance Committee.  As the only incumbent seeking re-election, her experience will be critical to navigating the next four years.  Please vote for Kathleen Stowe for Board of Education.

Lori Fields, Greenwich

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