LETTER: Republicans Must Return to the Conservative Fold, Abandon Angry, Ignorant Voices

To the Editor,

Republicans in Town were relieved that the GOP swept recent local municipal elections, with First Selectman Camillo receiving nearly 70% of the vote.  In addition, State Senator Ryan Fazio flipped a key Senate seat Red in a special August election. 

In Town government, a new Republican BET (Board of Estimate & Taxation) won comfortably – campaigning on prudent fiscal management (a longstanding GOP plank) and a renewed commitment to address critical school capital needs. 

As a lifelong Republican, I read RTM member Dan Quigley’s November 11th OpEd (RTC Chair: Greenwich Republicans, Where Do We Go from Here?) with great interest as I share his concerns with the direction of the Republican Party – back to policies rooted in fiscal prudence and small government.  Moreover, his well-written OpEd sent an effective message to Independent and Unaffiliated voters in Town.

Conversely, true Republicans in town are shocked that a fringe element in the party has now assumed control of the town RTC.  One might wonder exactly how this group plans to improve on the current state of affairs: Greenwich finances are strong, with a AAA debt rating consistently protected by prudent borrowing practices – which in turn keeps our property taxes amongst the lowest in the state.  It’s a sound system and true.

The time-honored values of the Republican Party have been besmirched by a far-right fringe movement that is now holding Americans hostage to never-ending protective health measures.  How?  By allowing the COVID virus to mutate, as it continues to tap into a large supply of unvaccinated hosts.  While it’s safe to say that Republicans of all stripes are no fans of the current President, the 2020 election that installed him WAS fair.  The far-right fringe that believes otherwise is collectively responsible for last January’s attack on our nation’s Capitol.

As the critical midterm elections approach, it’s time to campaign for candidates of the traditional Republican party and cast off the fringe element composed of groups like the Greenwich Patriots.  I urge my fellow Republicans to return to the conservative fold and abandon angry, ignorant voices who persist in promoting falsehoods.  Let’s return to real governance and leadership.

Skip Parker