Letter: Republican Men Forgiven for Their Words, Why Not Democratic Women?

Letter to the editor submitted by Augusta Perrin, Phyllis Behlen, Robert Brady, Joanna Swomley, Kenneth Greenberg, Rommel Nobay, Lori Jackson, Lucy Krasnor, Jeffrey Stewart, James Thomas, Joseph Smith on Nov 15

In this ‘new era’ of politics, one thing that stays the same is people make mistakes, and people apologize. Whether they are allowed to move on with their lives seems to be up for debate. Laura Kostin made a mistake last week. She said something unkind about Mr. Bocchino while conceding to Mr. Camillo, and has since apologized.

On election day a retired Greenwich resident was videotaped having an early morning temper tantrum, ranting at a Greenwich Democrat about sign placement. He called all Democrats scumbags among other things. He has since apologized, and the video has been removed from social media.

While he was in office, Mr. Bocchino made a classless ‘joke’ about rapes being the hallmark of a good college party. He apologized and kept his elected position.

It would seem that while we can forgive Republican men for their mistakes and their words, the town of Greenwich must clutch their collective pearls and come after Ms. Kostin to demand apologies and concessions with the full weight of the office of the first selectman before setting her adrift on an iceberg to ‘think about what she’s done.’

The woman used a naughty word. She apologized. Put down the rotten fruit, douse the torches, and let this be a teachable moment before she winds up in stockades in front of town hall.  If this is truly the worst thing that the local GOP has heard, we have an Access Hollywood tape that will have them reaching for the smelling salts.

Augusta Perrin
Phyllis Behlen
Robert Brady
Joanna Swomley
Kenneth Greenberg
Rommel Nobay
Lori Jackson
Lucy Krasnor
Jeffrey Stewart
James Thomas
Joseph Smith

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