LETTER: President’s Behavior is Not Okay

Letter to the editor from Mary Connolly Flynn, Old Greenwich

Why is the American public standing by while our elected officials suppress information necessary to conduct a fair trial in the Senate?

Whatever our political affiliations, the American public deserves to know what actually occurred in the White House.

Why is it okay for Senate Majority Leader McConnell to say the House should have had ‘them’ testify when it was the President that blocked those witnesses from testifying?

Why are our Senators more interested in allowing this President to remain in office than in getting to the truth?

Why is it okay for Majority Leader McConnell to say he’ll side with the President before the trial has even started?

Bravo to Speaker Pelosi for holding back the articles of impeachment and exposing to the public this deplorable behavior on the part of Majority Leader McConnell and some others.

Why do the Republicans continue to accuse Democrats of trying to get the President out of office since 2016, when we all should be concerned about Russian interference into our elections?  Russian interference that was proven by Mr. Mueller.

President Trump was Russia’s choice.  That should tell us something.  And he has been good for Russia.  He has disrupted much of the world, diminishing our influence and increasing our isolation.  We are out of the flawed but workable Iranian Nuclear Deal, out of NAFTA, out of the global climate accords, threatening withdrawal from NATO.  And we support Crown prince bin Salman.

He removed our troops from Syria just long enough for Turkey to bomb our allies in Syria.  And then he returned our troops to Syria.

Why does anyone think it’s okay for the President to ask a ‘favor’ from a foreign power, to investigate a US citizen, while holding back aid money approved by the Congress?  His job is to protect US citizens.  What if it were you?

President Trump’s behavior is even more egregious since it was for his own political gain.  Asking for outside interference in our elections.  It is not ok.

 Why was it okay for Mitch McConnell to have sanctions on a Russian company removed so that they can invest in and conduct business in Kentucky? This will make 3,000 families dependent on this ruthless company for their livelihood.  All this for much less money than the Republican party has raised over the past year.

The world is watching as we begin a proceeding that is at the heart of the very integrity of our republic.

Will they see an America so torn by partisan concerns that we no longer uphold the proudest of our traditions with a full, unfettered hearing of the facts?

We do not want to be a weakened America, one that now hides from the truth.

Please contact your elected officials, including the Senate Majority Leader, and tell them to stop suppressing information that is vital to a fair trial.  And to conduct a fair trial.

Our Senators represent Connecticut, but all of the Senators are supposed to represent the country.  Especially the Senate Majority Leader.

Tell them to support the established, lawful processes that are at the very core of our great strength as a nation.  Stop this partisan nonsense and do what’s right for our country.

Mary Connolly Flynn
Old Greenwich, CT