Letter: On Earth Day, Renew Your Personal Commitment to Protect our Environment

Letter to the editor submitted by Joanne Clark

Congratulations. You have made so many lifestyle changes which benefit our environment.

– you buy locally-grown produce at local farmers markets

– you bring our own shopping bags to the supermarket

– you single-stream recycle a great deal more than with the old blue bin recycling

– you are switching to LED lighting

– you continue to plant trees which absorb CO2 and pollutants to help provide clean air

Celebrate Earth Day 2016 by renewing your personal commitment to protect the environment by incorporating additional healthy habits into your lifestyle.

Choose to turn off your engine while waiting. Idling engines churn out air pollutants. Your children are breathing in the carbon fumes. The Law allows idling for 3 minutes maximum.

Choose natural nitrogen-free fertilizers. Nitrogen gets caught in run-off and ends up in Long Island Sound – yes, at our beach. Nitrogen reduces oxygen required by sea life.

Choose where can you save water – Dishes, shower, laundry, car washing, tooth brushing, sprinklers. Conserving water will benefit our reservoir, particularly after the dry summer and winter of 2015.

Choose Energy Star appliances, insulated windows, LED lighting. Energy use releases carbon into the atmosphere.

Choose to refuse a bag. Buy products with minimal packaging.

Choose one more good habit. Set a good example. Encourage others.

Greenwich is a natural treasure. Choose a lovely day to take a walk at a park or at the beach. Breath the fresh air. Enjoy the quiet. Become aware of the wildlife. Make a commitment to protect our environment. Your great grand children will reap the benefits.