LETTER: Meskers Listens to Byram Residents in Unglamorous Out-of-the Spotlight Events

Submitted by Al Shehadi, Greenwich

To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Steve Meskers for a second term as state representative.

I’m a long-time resident of Byram. I can’t count the number of times Steve has come to Byram to listen to residents, to attend meetings, to help out. I don’t mean just for the pageantry, like the New Lebanon School ribbon-cutting I mean the regular, unglamorous, out of the spotlight events where the Byram community comes together to solve problems.

Steve is a regular at the Byram Neighborhood Association meetings, where the topics are parking, traffic and such. He listens more than talks and frequently volunteers to call someone at Town Hall or in Hartford to help move things along.

He has met with the nascent group of neighbors trying to improve the section of Delavan Avenue that runs under I-95.

He supports the idea of beautifying the underpass with a mural and has made numerous calls to Hartford to get the ancient underpass lighting improved.

Most recently, Steve has been a fixture at the public meetings in Port Chester about the Tarry Lighthouse project. Byram residents have joined our neighbors in Port Chester to oppose the proposed massive development just over the Mill Street Bridge. Among other impacts, the proposed project will dramatically worsen traffic congestion along the Mill Street corridor in both Port Chester and Byram. Steve has spoken at every hearing I’ve attended.

He balances clear opposition to the scale of the proposed project with offers to collaborate Port Chester town officials to resolve issues that affect both of our adjoining communities.

Steve Meskers has earned a second term as state representative. No doubt in my mind.

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