LETTER: Litvack Has Leadership Qualities

Letter to the editor submitted from Laura Kostin

I connected with an old colleague not long ago. Our conversation quickly turned to politics.

What my friend said to me that day stuck with me. He said, “You know, we really need good politicians right now.”

And it is with that idea in mind, that I enthusiastically endorse Sandy Litvack for Selectman. Sandy truly embodies all that is good.

I have no idea whether Sandy ever envisioned himself in politics, but his love of serving is obvious and we’re lucky to have him as our Selectman.

This November, we have the opportunity to re-elect him. We need him to continue his mission to lead with vision and speak out about the issues that matter in these critical times.

Less than a year ago, the Jewish community was grappling with the deadly shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.  After that horrific attack, I took my children to Shabbat services at Greenwich Reform Synagogue where Sandy was speaking.

The true hallmark of a leader, I believe, is his ability to lift up a community in times of turmoil. Sandy is that leader.

When we are shaken, we should be able to look to those we’ve elected for guidance, for support and for leadership.

I am thankful for Sandy’s leadership every single day and I’m grateful he’s running again.

Please join me in voting for him.

Laura Kostin is a resident of Cos Cob