LETTER: Kathleen Stowe is the Clear Choice for State Representative in the 149th District

Submitted by Dr. Rita Roure-Bozza, Greenwich

Kathleen Stowe is unquestionably the ideal person to serve as our State Representative in the 149tht District. Ten years ago, I met Kathleen at Round Hill Nursery School where our boys (and later, our girls) went to preschool. As our kids’ friendships blossomed, so did ours. Over the years, I have developed an immense appreciation of what a genuinely caring and intelligent person Kathleen is. I have learned that Kathleen strikes a perfect balance between being socially progressive while also being shrewd, calculating and fiscally responsible. She is the type of advocate we need in Hartford for our district at this time.

I live in Greenwich and have a son at Central Middle School and a daughter at Parkway Elementary school. I am an ENT surgeon at a public hospital in the South Bronx that was hit the hardest during the peak of the pandemic. Kathleen was there for me every step of the way, not only expressing concern for my safety but truly listening to my experience and simultaneously helping me think through how to be safer while at the same time being my cheerleader.

Six months later, we now know a lot more about Covid-19, and we are all adapting to a different way of life. When I dropped off my kids for their first day of school, I was reminded of Kathleen’s critical role as Vice Chair of the Board of Education in making our town one of the few who will be bring a sense of normalcy back to our children. This is Kathleen at her best. She has carefully studied expert advice and used her investment banking and deal-making abilities to formulate a viable, pragmatic plan for the benefit of the community. I can’t think of a better display of what she can do in Hartford. She has an amazing sense of what is right.

Hearing my kids recount their excitement about their seamless first day back at school made me smile, knowing the incredible hard work and preparation Kathleen put in to make this a reality. It underscored to me how brave Kathleen is to do the right thing for our children even in the face of vocal opposition.

Bravery is lacking in politics, and as a surgeon, I understand that we need to take calculated risks if it means bringing the best outcome. Bravery often stems from patriotism which clearly was instilled in her by her father who served in the U.S. Army as well on the Board of Education when she was in public school. Kathleen was raised with an amazing sense of community and she continues to display it. I realize we do not often have the benefit of getting to know our political candidates on a personal level.

I know all too well how hard it can be to discern one from the other and just default to voting along party lines. I have never before written an editorial voicing support for any candidate, but I am absolutely certain that Kathleen will best serve the community. I urge you to learn as much as you can about the two candidates, and I am confident that whether you are Republican or Democrat, you will find the clear choice for State Representative is Kathleen Stowe.

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