LETTER: Joe Kelly knows how to get things done.

Letter to the editor from James Mossman, Greenwich

In a time of hyper-partisanship it can be hard to figure out how to break the logjam. As a long time Democratic voter I think I have found a way to take the first step.

I plan to support Joe Kelly in this November’s election for the Connecticut House of Representatives (District 150).  This will be the first time I have ever voted for a Republican candidate.

What convinced me to do this?  I have known Joe for a number of years, yet I didn’t know if he voted for Democrats or Republicans — frankly it didn’t matter. What I do know about Joe is that he has all the requirements that I believe will make him a great Representative.

He is a bright guy who knows how to get things done. He demonstrated that by having more than one successful career on and off of Wall Street.  However, there are a lot of smart, successful folks around – especially in Greenwich. 

It is what Joe has done outside the office that has impressed me.  His actions, and not just his words, show that he cares about people.  Whether it is pulling out his chain saw in the middle of a storm to clear a downed tree from an elderly neighbors driveway, or pitching in to help devastated Rockaway Beach, Queens residents after the hurricane.  Joe is always willing to roll up his sleeves and just get it done.

Joe has also taken a great interest in the bringing out the best in young people.  He and his wife Jill have raised four wonderful kids – I guess they are not really kids anymore.  But as usual, Joe has reached out beyond his family.  He has coached many youth leagues in Greenwich and is probably best known for leading the Greenwich High School rugby team to the state championship for eight of the nine years he was head coach.  To me what was even more meaningful was that Joe created a bunch of rugby teams at different levels at the High School so that everyone who wanted to play could find a place — not just the gifted athletes.  That is what someone who cares about the development of all kids does — and it’s pretty hard to find that kind of commitment today.

All of this was enough to convince me that Joe would serve Greenwich well — he has the business background, the experience, but most of all a record of caring.  He happens to also be a Republican.  I can live with that.

James Mossman

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