LETTER: Illegal Signs Constitute a Visual Assault on Residents of Greenwich

Submitted by John Cooper, Greenwich, Nov 17

To the Editor:

Twice this week, townspeople have been presented with signs on Town of Greenwich property that are illegal and constitute a visual assault on the residents of Greenwich.

The Lake Avenue circle was papered with multiple copies of this message, ostensibly to catch the eye of the driver at each and every entrance to the roundabout. 

today on a visit to Cos Cob Park, multiples of this sign were evident. Upon investigation it turns out that, even with 1st Amendment Rights considered, these signs were also placed illegally.

Outside the normal election cycle, these types of signs must be “permitted” by P&Z or, for non-profits, Parks & Rec. The time and effort it takes to remove illegal signs is a burden on the town and a waste of manpower. So much so that DPW has stopped assisting other town agencies in the cleanup.

Those who continue to express their personal opinions in this manner need to be subject to a fine for their unwillingness to follow the law. Once identified, the perpetrators should be made responsible for the removal wherever they have posted these illegal signs.

Greenwich is a beautiful town, let’s try to keep it that way!

John Cooper, Greenwich