BMW Stuck in Sand at Tod’s Point is Towed; Amusement Ensues on Social Media

On Wednesday a photo and video went viral on Facebook of a BMW stuck in the sand at Tod’s Point.

Screenshot taken with permission from video posted by John Ferris Robben.
Photo courtesy John Ferris Robben

The video depicted the navy blue vintage BMW that had been driven onto the sand near the north concession stand and gotten stuck.

The car had to be towed, and Bivona Auto Services out of Stamford came with a truck and a winch to pull the car back to the pavement.

Greenwich Police Dept Captain Mark Zuccerella said the person who drove the car into the sand was new to town.

“The subject was new to area thought they can drive on beach, as in other towns,” he said. “He was pulled out and was given a warning not to do this on Greenwich beaches.”

“They understood,” he said.

Zuccerella added that the Officer chose to use discretion after assessing the situation. “There was not damage to Town of Greenwich property.”

Comments on Facebook accumulated.

One commenter said he overhead the driver say he thought there was boardwalk there to drive on.

Another person recalled how bank robbers in the early 70s drove on the sand at Tod’s Pont, and young people on their bikes at the time recalled hearing gunfire.

On the Facebook group “You Know You’re from Greenwich If”, someone posted, “You know you are NOT from Greenwich when…..”

Other comments were generally opinions about the driver’s intelligence.