Letter: I remember how happy I was when tolls were eliminated on I-95

Letter to the editor submitted by Ruth Sherman, Old Greenwich July 21, 2018

To the Editor:

I remember how happy I was when tolls were eliminated on I-95.

Considering our state’s current financial problems, it now seems reasonable to reconsider. I recently heard candidate for State Rep, Steve Meskers, speak and my eyes were opened about this issue.

Estimates of what we could collect range from $500M to $1Bn per year.

This windfall could go a long way toward improving our infrastructure and alleviating other serious problems.

Another eye-opening fact is more than a third of our traffic comes from out of state. (Trucks and commercial vehicles constitute another 20%.) NY, NJ and MA all collect tolls meaning we are, in reality, subsidizing them, significantly adding to their coffers while draining our own.

Let’s also remember toll assessment today is different. No longer does traffic have to slow down or stop. Additionally, CT residents could potentially pay lower, in-state rates.

Our current representatives label tolls as a “tax.” That’s a convenient but dishonest way to frame the issue and shut down discussion. Considering our dire straits, shouldn’t everything, including tolls, be on the table?

Ruth Sherman, Old Greenwich