LETTER: Game On!

Submitted by Marina Levine, Greenwich

This week the CT Republican Party Chairperson, J.R. Romano, reached out to the CT GOP to raise a ‘poll watching army’ to increase surveillance of polling locations.

The email to party members this week, called for volunteers to monitor voting “Our goal is to cover every polling place in our state with smart and trusted volunteers like you! JOIN the EDO [Election Day Operation] Army For Trump NOW to get started and one of our team members will contact you with more information.”

First CT GOP candidate, Ryan Fazio, claims that mail in ballots invite fraud whilst also qualifying that fraud occurs very rarely and now the CT GOP dig their heels deeper into Trump’s drum beat of voter intimidation.

Perhaps now would be the time to challenge the CT GOP to offer up a deeper definition of what they mean and get further perspective from our own local GOP candidates if they are on board with this sinister call to action.

What exactly is the EDO Army planning on doing?
-Showing up to polling locations with guns-a-plenty?
-Tapping on the shoulders of non-white people demanding documentation?
-Standing in packs, ominously blocking entrances?
-Yelling sans mask at who they perceive to be democratic voters?

Furthermore the citizens of Greenwich need clarity and detailed strategy from local leadership and our voting registrars to confirm that our polling places are free from danger and intimidation.

At a minimum local and state officials need to put out a statement to make it clear that anyone found impeding or threatening voters will face consequences.

Greenwich voting has always proceeded fairly and effectively without an army of Trump poll watchers. Their presence in Greenwich, or anywhere else in the state catapults us into Banana Republic status.

If you are concerned here are two useful resources:

Volunteer to work at the polls!

On Election Day:
Call: 866-SEEC-INFO or Email [email protected] to report ANY problems on
Election Day Regardless of what appears to be a very serious threat-your intimidation isn’t working.

Perhaps we should be thanking J.R. Romano, as evident in early voting states, Great suppression begets great turn out!

This is galvanizing us to come out in droves.

As my non-politically active friend who is a chemo patient said, “I don’t care what my doctor says…I’m sneaking out and voting them out.”

By voting them out at every level of government. I’ll be voting for Alex Kasser and the Democratic House Rep. And I’ll be donating to the new anti Trump PAC, Greenwich Voices for Democracy.

Game on.


Editor’s note: Letters to the Editor in support of local candidates in the Nov 3, 2020 election may be submitted to [email protected] for consideration beginning July 15 and with a hard deadline of Oct 26, 2020 at noon.