LETTER: Fiorello Helped CT Cheer gyms to Return to Normal Operations During Covid

Submitted by Anne Asta, Spirit Zone Too, Greenwich

Dear Editor,
As a State Representative, Kimberly Fiorello has done many good things for the people of her district and our state as a whole.

Here’s just one example. During COVID, the Connecticut Competitive Cheer gyms were not being classified properly by the state and as a result not being allowed to operate their businesses fully as every other competitive gym in surrounding states were allowed to do.

On behalf of the gym owners of the state of Connecticut, including myself, I contacted Kimberly and voiced our concerns, hoping she might be able to help. She responded immediately and even paid a visit to my gym. She understood that COVID policies should not be a one-size-fits-all solution.

She took the time to understand the details of what we do, the precautions we were taking to keep everyone safe, and how important it was to re-open our business no only for the financial well-being of our employees and their families but, most importantly, for the well-being of the young athletes in our state. These athletes needed their gym to be able to continue to stay healthy during these uncertain times in mind, body, and soul. They needed to be able to continue to train in order to stay competitive and represent the state of Connecticut on the National and World levels, like their competitors were doing in surrounding states.

Kimberly’s efforts on our behalf made a difference and soon after her visit the Connecticut Cheer gyms were allowed to return to normal operations. Kimberly Fiorello takes the time to listen to and respond to the needs of her constituents, which is the most important thing an elected representative is supposed to do – “represent” – the members of her district. We will forever be grateful for Kimberly and her work, and we fully support her in her run for re-election. We hope you will too.

Anne Asta, Spirit Zone Too, Greenwich, CT