Letter: Greenwich dog owners insist they are above the law

Letter to the editor submitted by Joanne Clark on Dec 11, 2017

A walk at the beach can put residents in harms way. Seriously. Dog owners continue to insist that they are above the Law and can let their dog run free on the walking trails at Greenwich Point. This behavior creates a problem.

Dog owners are putting people in danger because we do not know what a dog might do or what would spook it. And particularly how one dog would react to another while off leash.

It is apparent from many dog owners’ responses that they believe they are above the law and that no sign at the park entrance can make them put a leash on their dog. The leash law is to protect everyone along with the dogs. It is sad that so many people have so little regard for others.

Would it be too much to ask the Department of Parks and Rec to please work with the Police Dept on this issue and find a reasonable way for all of us to enjoy a safe walk around ‘the point’. If that means having a police presence then please…

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Clark
Old Greenwich