LETTER: Do we want to allow a dynasty to continue to run Town Clerk’s office?

Submitted by Melissa Evans

Did you know that our Town Clerk is an elected position? Just about everyone at some time has to interact with the Office of the Town Clerk. This is where vital records are kept – births, deaths, marriages, permits and licenses issued, land transactions recorded, absentee voting occurs, and elections are certified. Have you ever wished that interacting with that office was easier?

For the last 30 years that position has been filled by Republican Carmela Budkins. Now her daughter seeks to replace her mom in that office. The Democratic candidate is Mary (Molly) Saleeby – born and raised in Greenwich and current vice-chair of District 8 on the RTM.

Molly has extensive public service and volunteer experience in Town including serving on the RTM Budget Overview Committee, volunteering at Greenwich Hospital, Armstrong Court Pre-school, and as a United Way Reading Champion tutor. She is recognized for customer service, having won an award for it during her career at WNET channel 13.

The question for voters is whether we want to allow a dynasty to continue to run this office for a FOURTH DECADE, or whether we want an innovative Town Clerk with fresh ideas to make the office more user friendly. Saleeby will bring new ideas including contact information for all elected officials on the Town Clerk’s website to simplify reaching Town leaders, digitizing all Town records, and making it easier to do business online.

The Town Clerk’s office has been slow to adopt new technology. Saleeby promises to change that. After thirty years of one incumbent, it is time for a new name – Mary “Molly” Saleeby!

Note: Letters to the editor about candidates in the Nov 2, 2021 election had a deadline of Oct 26, 2021