LETTER: Deceptive Mailers Are Born of Desperation

Submitted by Jack Kriskey, Greenwich

I am a strong believer that in politics, as in life, we should put forward our best selves rather than tear down others. Unfortunately, that is fast becoming a rarity in today’s campaigns. It is often borne out of desperation. When one’s opponent has a high favorability, the challenge is to bring them down. This is especially true in a three-way race. In the contest for the 36th Senate Seat that is exactly what is happening. This desperation is demonstrated through deceptive mailers, emails and social media posts as well as using half-truths and quotes taken out of context. Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan deserve better.

Ryan Fazio has remained above the noise. I read Ryan’s literature and know where he stands on the issues important to this community. I can see that he cares about this district, has given much thought about the challenges it faces and presents common sense solutions. I cannot say the same for his opponent. Being new to the area it could be that she doesn’t understand that negative campaigns are not looked upon favorably here.

This election is far too important to fall for such tactics. At stake is a Connecticut with a Democratic Super Majority. Sending another Democrat to Hartford would embolden the Left and allow them to freely pass their radical agenda without any opposition, including increasing existing taxes, adding new taxes such as the “Mansion Tax”, circumventing local zoning control, and so much more.

Please join me on August 17 in rejecting this type of politics and send Ryan Fazio to Hartford!


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