LETTER: Cheryl Trepp Moss is an Outstanding Candidate for State Rep

Letter submitted by Ann Neary, Riverside

Cheryl Trepp Moss is an outstanding candidate to fill the vacancy in the 151st district. As a native of Greenwich, she understands the strengths and challenges facing our town.

Her expertise in the areas of both economics and ecology position her to support and grow our town in a way that will provide a healthy environment for all residents going forward.

As an educator, I appreciate Cheryl’s keen awareness of what is important in education. A mother of three children, who was always involved in their schooling, Cheryl witnessed first hand the different ways children learn and the overall effort needed to support that learning. Cheryl will be able to advocate for what is needed to educate our children from her experiences.

And as a mother of a GHS swimmer and water polo player, I can also attest to Cheryl’s overall organizational skills as she managed, directed, and facilitated all of the multiple events, trips and activities that make up those busy sports. She did this with confidence, agility and grace.

Cheryl is deeply committed to our community. She will serve us well. We need Cheryl Moss as our state representative.

Ann Neary