LETTER: Camillo Seeks Re-Election Because He Loves Greenwich

Submitted by the Moore Family Beth, Ross, Allie, and Eva, Old Greenwich

This letter is in support of our First Selectman Fred Camillo.

Our family has been blessed to live in Greenwich for twenty years. And like nearly everyone, we love it here. And that love leads us in only one direction. To the person who’s dedication and commitment to Greenwich transcends all other considerations or interests. And that is Fred Camillo.

Fred seeks re-election, not for power, not because he is just another political animal, or bureaucratic wonk, but because he loves Greenwich. Fred loves serving every aspect of it; our residents, our town employees, our natural resources and environment, our health and safety, and our fiscal well-being.

Our family sleeps well at night knowing someone with exemplary character, the hard-fought wisdom of experience, and an earnest love of Greenwich works tirelessly to unite Town government behind all residents.

What else does Fred offer besides his great love of our town? Fred has decades of extensive government and private sector accomplishments, a fantastic education, and a proven record of sincere bipartisanship. We love having Fred as our First Selectman and urge you to support Fred’s re-election on Tuesday.

Thank you. The Moore Family Beth, Ross, Allie, and Eva. Old Greenwich