Dave D’Andrea: Camillo’s leadership guided Greenwich through difficult times

Submitted by Dave D’Andrea, Greenwich

As a lifetime resident of Greenwich, I’ve valued the opportunity to partner with many neighbors in service to the community.

Greenwich has faced some significant challenges these last two years: the pandemic, (which we have grappled with globally), as well as the challenges that were more unique to Connecticut and particular to our neighborhoods.

In that time, I’ve truly appreciated First Selectman Fred Camillo’s dedication to Greenwich.

It will be up to voters to choose their public servants again in November. I think Fred deserves your consideration: the quality of his leadership and his unifying voice helped guide the town through unusually difficult times with great success. The support he counted on from diverse voices in the community helped the town prevail.

There will be a great deal of talent to choose from in this upcoming election: voting in the traditional spirit of the town, that spirit of unity and perseverance with strong leadership will carry the Greenwich community through new challenges but also through new successes.