Letter: Camillo is a Greenwich Community Treasure, Asset in Hartford

Letter to the editor submitted by David Scribner, Commissioner in the CT Dept. Of Consumer Protection, Former State Representative (107 – Brookfield) on Oct. 24, 2016

It has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve in the Connecticut House of Representatives for 16 years. One of the greatest highlights of my service was the opportunity to serve with Rep. Fred Camillo. We were seated next to each other for 6 of those years and he has become a valued friend for life. I quickly learned to admire and respect Fred. He possesses all the traits to be a most successful, effective representative and voice of the people he has taken an oath to serve.

An individual of great integrity, he is conscientious, dedicated, loyal, and fiercely proud of the community of Greenwich and it’s residents he has served so well.

With his affable, humble, good nature & humor, he quickly set out to learn the process, listened and learned more than he spoke. With his most likable, good nature, built solid relationships, at every level, across the board, in both Legislative Chambers and the Executive branch.

Never content to simply “co-sponsor” a colleagues legislation, he introduces his own and like a dog with a bone, skillfully sees it through the entire process until it’s signed into law.

Known for his strong commitment to youth, animals, the environment, and public health, he is also known for his strong commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Devoted, genuine, sincere, enthusiastic, he is the The Real Deal. A true team player, Fred has earned your respect and vote of confidence. You are blessed and fortunate to have him!

David A. Scribner
Commissioner in the CT Dept. Of Consumer Protection
Former State Representative (107 – Brookfield)