Letter: State Rep Mike Bocchino Is a True Advocate for Women

Letter to the editor submitted by Santina Lavalla, Greenwich

State Representative Mike Bocchino has continued to impress.  

His record supporting all women in the state of Connecticut is outstanding. Bocchino is the Ranking member of the Labor and Public Employees committee in Hartford.  He was instrumental in crafting and passing a Pay Equity bill that prohibits employers from asking a prospective employee about his/her salary history.  Equal pay for equal work, whether you’re a man or woman, Bravo!  

Other bills he supported and/or has cosponsored that specifically help women area woman’s health bill ensuring certain health coveragesanother that enhances sexual assault evidence kit procedures, and a bill to overhaul and improve sexual harassment and assault laws dealing with dominant aggressor’s in violent family and domestic violence complaints.

State Representative Mike Bocchino will continue to work hard for all women young and old. His commitment to his constituents of the 150th district is unparalleled

Please join me on Nov 6 and vote Mike Bocchino for State Representative of the 150th district for the Town of Greenwich.

Santina Lavalla