LETTER: Bad State Government Grows and Thrives during Pandemic

Submitted by Lolly Prince, Greenwich

Our economy in Connecticut was already in trouble before COVID. Once the Pandemic hit it hurt small businesses across our State indiscriminately.

From our finest restaurants to the neighborhood bodegas and all types of businesses in between, we have succumbed to a worse situation than was imaginable.

As each crisis worsens, one thing that seems to thrive, is bad State government, growing larger, imposing more red tape and bureaucracy, making our lives more difficult. Connecticut ranks near the bottom in our nation as the least friendly state to small business. It does not need to be this way.

Ryan Fazio, candidate for the State Senate, has my support on November 3 to help change this: the issues mentioned above are not new — they have only grown in scale. Changing things in Hartford will not be simple but changing who gets to make the decisions that can improve things is.
That opportunity comes before us on November 3. I am urging all my neighbors in Greenwich and Fairfield County to send Ryan to Hartford.

He is committed to a regular cost-benefit analysis for major and all incoming regulations. He is committed to championing liberalizing occupational licensing that saddle skilled workers with fees and preclude them from monetizing their talent and ability to provide labor
in spaces where it is needed. Ryan is committed to eliminating the Certificate of Need laws that stymie healthcare facilities and hospitals from organically addressing needs. Ryan is committed to improving our
state’s energy space, supporting low-emission nuclear and hydroelectric power to reduce costs. Connecticut’s utility expenses are the highest in the continental United States.

Despite all the issues with which we are preoccupied, please pay attention to our candidates. Elect Ryan. and send a clear, loud message to Hartford that we need change. A State Senator can have an impact on state policy. Let’s make the best of this opportunity. We need a fresh approach to lead Connecticut in this challenging time, join me in voting for Ryan Fazio November 3.