LETTER: An October Surprise

Submitted by Don Hermann, Greenwich

Is it possible that Donald Trump never had COVID-19?

That is was Fake News.

Would that shock you?

Maybe a Little History Lesson is in order.

We don’t have to go back to Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Just look at
Trump’s patterns.

There seems to be more than rumors that his medical reports have been

Two daughters of Dr. Larry Braunstein, a podiatrist who diagnosed bone spurs for Donald Trump, claimed their father a tenant of Trump’s father provided a false diagnosis keeping Trump medically unfit to serve in the military.

According to CNN, Trump’s former doctor, Harold Bornstein, provided a letter in 2015, declaring the then-presidential candidate’s “astonishingly excellent health.”

Bornstein was quoted as saying that “Mr. Trump dictated that whole letter.”
Bornstein also said that Trump’s bodyguard and two other men had carried out a “raid” on his offices in February 2017, removing all of Mr. Trump’s medical records.

Bornstein told NBC News that the raid created a lot of chaos, making him feel “raped, frightened and sad.”

For over four years, Trump has lied, created false scenarios, fired people, hired those with questionable abilities, encouraged others to either lie or commit illegal acts. He has a Rogues Gallery of ex-associates. He’s called people names, threatened them, done what he could to diminish those who disagreed with him.

According to the Washington Post fact checking he lied, misrepresented and
made misstatements over 20,000 times since becoming president.

Let’s look further. To make himself appear more important and more
accomplished he has apparently misrepresented his high school and college
academic records. And withheld releasing copies of his transcripts.

The pattern screams at us. As a candidate for public office, especially President, it’s standard procedure to divulge certain things about your background. Education, military career, finances, business history, relationships, including marriages and of course policies pertaining to the running of the government.

He claimed the Mueller Report exonerated him. It did not.

There was concrete evidence of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 elections. He denied it.

225,000 plus people dead from COVID. And he claimed that if not for him it could have been two or three million. Who bought that?

We could fill volumes with these stories and people have. Entitlement goes hand in hand with his fabrications. He claims that as President he has tremendous latitude in what he’s accountable for. He can shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not be accountable. Of course, there’s the possible sexual abuse legal actions by at least 20 different women being stalled as long as he’s President. His history of not paying people for their work is common knowledge.

Now to COVID. Trump probably senses the handwriting is on the wall politically. He’s tried to pull a rabbit out of his hat with a series of tricks to prevent people from voting. From claims to voter fraud to crippling the post office to saying he won’t leave office without a fight are some of his tactics to endure. The strategy is similar to the stalling and diversions he’s created to avoid facing the possibility of legal action for a host of misdeeds involving his finances, taxes and business dealings.

It’s like an animal being trapped. He misjudged his preparation and performance at the first debate. Cable TV and the polls made him very uncomfortable. The walls were closing in on him. A second debate was imminent and he couldn’t tolerate another poor performance. The third debate was more of the same. A lot or Make Believe.

Could he use his showman capabilities to get the adulation and support he was losing? Ah Ha. COVID could do it. He’s forced the doctors and all non-medical people who treat him to sign non-disclosure agreements. It worked when he went to Walter Reed last year. And recently, as well.

In hearing him talk, it seemed like he had a cold. A sore throat, possibly. And symptoms that could be the beginning stages of COVID-19. But what did the tests show? And when? Like other medical information about him, he felt he wasn’t compelled to tell the public very much. The doctors were put in a compromising position and the lead doctor did exaggerate just a little about Trump’s condition, initially.

We know that Trump and his supporters admire a macho kind of guy. Someone who exudes strength. So here comes Trump, just recovering from a devastating illness, holding rallies and prancing around like someone who could not possibly have had something as serious as COVID-19 just a few days before. Especially someone who is 74, and possibly has other health issues.

October surprise? Is his illness another Alternative Fact where Clorox and Lysol are prescribed as a cure? Will history guide us?

This letter was submitted in time for the Oct 26 12:00 noon deadline for letters to the editor for candidates in the Nov 3 election.