LETTER: Meskers is Effective in Hartford

Submitted by Lisa Booth, Riverside

To the Editor,

With State Representative Steve Meskers, Greenwich has found a uniquely qualified leader who reflects town values, works tirelessly for our community, and is effective in Hartford.  Let’s keep him there!

Steve represents all of us when he pushes for quality education, a cleaner environment, gun safety, and economic development. 

We all know that fiscal responsibility is a hallmark of Greenwich.  Steve shares that value too and isn’t afraid to stand up for it. 

On the Energy and Technology Committee he stopped third party electricity providers from gouging state subsidies and overcharging customers via bait and switch pricing.   

He also voted no on the state budget because it should have been more conservative. 

His experience in international markets and financing is shaping programs that will boost investment in our cities.  His professional expertise is a significant asset to the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.

Steve knows who we are and he cares about us.  His business savvy, commitment and affability help him to work productively on our behalf and to cross the aisle when necessary.  

I will be voting for Steve Meskers and hope fellow Greenwich citizens in the 150th congressional district will do the same.

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