LETTER: Arora’s Meddling in Debate Process is Unfortunate and Off-Putting

Letter to the editor from Laura Kostin, Greenwich

The special election set for District 151 in Greenwich is just 18 days away.

However, there will be no debate this time around. That’s because Harry Arora, the Republican candidate for State Representative is refusing to participate.

In a statement, Mr. Arora takes issue with The League of Women Voter’s proposed moderator, Kay Maxwell.

Mr. Arora is unwilling to take part because of Ms. Maxwell’s political affiliation.

Implying that Ms. Maxwell is unable to do her job because of her affiliation is offensive.

Women (and men) of all political stripes are fully capable of carrying out their duties with professionalism, dedication and competence.

I watched Kay Maxwell adeptly moderate Mr. Arora’s 2018 debate against Jim Himes. One in which Mr. Arora expressed his disappointment about being afforded “less airtime” and claimed just one debate was “insufficient.”

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization that has offered both candidates in this race a platform to express their views. He is of course, free to decline.

However, Mr. Arora’s insistence on meddling in that process and trying to dictate the terms is both unfortunate and off-putting.

He has taken to Twitter this morning to deny that this is the case. However, assuming another moderator would be more suitable because their voter registration says “U” or “unaffiliated” is an odd presumption. Also, voter registration is a matter of public record. Demanding disclosure of it, is similarly odd.

In a statement League President Sandy Waters says, “The League will not allow any candidate to determine the qualifications of the Moderator…To refuse to debate in a public forum moderated by a person of her (Maxwell’s) qualifications is unjustifiable and indefensible.”

Bravo to The League for standing up to Mr. Arora and for always remaining true to their mission and to Democratic Candidate, Cheryl Trepp Moss for her desire to be open and answerable to the public.

Laura Kostin

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