LETTER: A Woman’s Choice is Nobody’s Business

Submitted by Monica Prihoda, Old Greenwich

I am supporting Rachel Khanna as a Greenwich Representative in the 149th District, Trevor Crow as our State Senator and Governor Ned Lamont.

Others too:  Steve Meskers as Representative in the 150th District and Hector Arenzo in the 151at District. 


I am thinking of my daughter, your daughter, other female family and friends and female neighbors as I write this letter.  And women everywhere both wealthy and not financially wealthy.

I am thinking of how many laws are there regulating mens’ bodies? That’s right:  none.

As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango,” but it is the woman whose body and life go through a life-changing event.  Yes – the woman who has an established viable life right here and now.

Who am I to judge?  Not knowing a woman or family circumstance, it is not for me, or you, or the government to judge and regulate a woman’s choice – and it should be her choice.  There is another saying  “do not judge until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” 

It is ironic to me that this most personal choice which is NOBODY’S business is one that Republicans who espouse no government regulation seek to regulate. 

Contraception is NOBODY’S business. 

What consenting people choose to do between the sheets is NOBODY’S business. I find it a perverted interest in regulating the bedroom. 

It is also curious as to why the local Republican party and its candidates have stated they will not participate in the nonpartisan League of Women Voters debates.  Afraid they may have to answer this and other questions?

Certainly that is the case with our current State Representative Kim Fiorello who voted against reproductive freedoms and most pieces of legislation which would better all our lives and lives of our children in schools.  Rep. Fiorello votes against school funding but opportunistically shows up for photo ops as if she supports it.  Where is Republican support for our children who exist here and now?  Housing, public education, special education, free and reduced meals for children who are in need and their families who provide for them?

The current State Senator Ryan Fazio responds that “he will uphold the law”  thus slickly evading this question. His numerous misogynistic previous posts were quickly and slickly deleted when he ran for a then vacant Senatorial position last time around.

With the SCOTUS – Supreme Court of the United States – ruling overturning Roe V. Wade which allowed nearly 50 years of access to freedom of choice for a woman over her own body – IT IS CRUCIAL TO VOTE IN MID-TERM ELECTIONS.  In the years following the Roe V. Wade ruling and improved contraception and access to it, the abortion rate actually dropped significantly since the early 70s.  Why?  Because women were given the choice how to care for their own body.  Not your body.  Her body.

Right now in Connecticut with our current democratic majority, reproductive and women’s rights are protected. However, every time the Federal Government pushes decisions to the state level they are in jeopardy such as with the recent SCOTUS ruling on Roe V. Wade. Look around at other states such as Texas and Florida and a growing number of others. Do you want those laws and regulations here in Connecticut? If not, vote for our local and state Democratic representatives on the upcoming election November 8.

I have heard both Catholic and Republican friends say they are not concerned about the SCOTUS ruling – their daughters can get an abortion. This bubble of Greenwich and other bubbles around the country allow this myopic view because they have both the money and the access for abortions and contraception.  “Others are not my concern,” they say as they form a bond of morality police when it comes to other people’s lives. Some compassion.

Election day is Tuesday, November 8. Please join me in voting for Rachel Khanna, Trevor Crowe, Steve Meskers and Hector Arenzo AND for EARLY VOTING – wherever you live in Greenwich.