Krumeich: Arora’s Assertion that LWV Moderators Can’t Be Fair-Minded is Cowardly

Letter to the Editor from Beth Krumeich, former President of League of Women Voters Greenwich

As a past president of the League of Women Voters of Greenwich, I take great offense at the Arora Campaign’s assertion that League moderators cannot be fair-minded.

For a candidate who professes to want to attack present policies, Mr. Harry Arora has a cowardly way of approaching his run for State Representative.

The League takes great pride in its position as a non-partisan organization and is celebrating its 100th anniversary, together with the adoption of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

The League is premised on having an informed citizenry who understand the issues in the Town, the State and the Nation.

Mr. Arora cannot represent Greenwich if he cannot get up in front of a crowd and defend his positions.

We need an advocate for Greenwich, not a candidate who hides behind a specious argument used to cancel a debate because he objects to a moderator who was a long-time resident of Greenwich and a former president of the national League of Women Voters.

Mr. Arora is an ardent Trump supporter and has a paltry record of public service. What is he trying to hide from the public?

With a degree in Economics and a background in environmental consulting, Candidate Cheryl Trepp Moss has already demonstrated her leadership capabilities in Town as a Greenwich native from a distinguished family. Ms. Moss serves on the Representative Town Meeting as the District 8 Leader, is a small business owner asa photographer, was an active parent in the Greenwich High School water polo program, and has participated in both the Greenwich Land Trust and Greenwich
Botanical Center.

These are just a few ways Ms. Moss has stood out as a strong leader ready to focus on the State’s economy. In addition, Ms. Moss understands how to address environmental issues at a time when climate change is significantly impacting our Town. Vote in the Special Election on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, for
Cheryl Trepp Moss for State Rep.

Elizabeth K. Krumeich

NOTE: Deadline for letters to the editor for the Jan 21 special election for State Rep District 151 is Jan 14, 2020 at 5pm.