Kreuzer: Partisan Rhetoric from Arzeno? Heck, no.

Submitted by Miriam Kreuzer, Board of Estimate and Taxation, Member

During my marathon BET Budget Committee meetings, I called a friend on the Representative Town Meeting and asked “Who is this fellow Hector Arzeno? What is he all about?” Hector was at a numerous BET budget meetings – probably more than any other RTM member.  During our breaks, he approached the dais and asked both Republicans and Democrats probative and valuable questions. As an RTM member, he was eager to learn, to question, and to form a well researched plan of action. Was he a Republican?  A Democrat? My inability to nicely box Hector with a label increased my admiration for him.

Like me, Hector had long been an unaffiliated voter.  Fiscally and socially responsible with the desire to give back to the community through public service.  Like me, Hector found a home as a Democratic candidate for Greenwich.

Given the many extreme views of the local Republican candidates, I am confident that Hector – a Democratic candidate, is more qualified to represent the views of Greenwich’s moderate Republican electorate than any candidate on the Republican ticket, including his opponent.

Hector is measured and thoughtful, never hyperbolic.  He asks questions and truly listens. Hector doesn’t repeat predictable party sound bites, and never bows to partisan rhetoric nor righteous indignation. If you talk to Hector about his views on protections for the environment, his support of a woman’s right to choose, and the importance of a top-quality public education Hector is unflinching with his no nonsense reply: “Absolutely, I support it.” 

He understands that estate taxes are the tail that wags the dog in Connecticut – the revenue is small versus the potential outflow of long-standing Nutmegger families and therefore needs to be repealed.

In this time of divisive partisan politics, all voters: Democrats, unaffiliated, centrists, and Republicans can be confident you have a kindred spirit in Hector Arzeno. 

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Hector and learning exactly “what he is all about.” Partisan rhetoric? Heck no! Open-minded, independent, dedicated with conviction?  Hec-Yes!!! Greenwich, let us send Hector to Hartford as our State Rep in the 151st District.

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted in time for the Oct 26 12:00 noon deadline for letters on the Nov 3 election and candidates on the ballot.