Kantorski: 150th District in Greenwich is lucky! We have Jill Oberlander on the ballot!

VOTE Nov. 4th! But you say you have a good excuse not to vote. Well………….

Excuse No. 1:  “I’m too busy and it’s too hard.” Please don’t say that to my 101 year old mother, because I know what she would say. Whenever I would use that excuse, she would replay , “Patricia, you know how to do hard things.”

Excuse No. 2:  “It doesn’t matter, because I’m only one vote. It feels like I’m a grain of sand on a huge beach.” She would reply “Well, it’s your grain of sand, don’t let anyone take it from you. How do you think the beach was made?”

Excuse No. 3:  “The people you vote for don’t listen to anything I say anyway. What difference would it make?”  To this my mom and I both say, “The 150th District in Greenwich is lucky! We have Jill Oberlander on the ballot!”

Jill is a candidate who will not only listen to your ideas, but will really consider them. She has the education, experience and ability to get things done for you in Hartford. Please Vote Nov. 4th for Jill Oberlander for your 150th District State Representative and she will make a difference.

Patricia Kantorski